Work with Mel

Technology is changing our world and it excites the heck out of me.

There are now so many creative ways to make an event come to life, to build your business, to develop new skills to be more connected and engaged with the community around you. My experience, passion and absolute dedication to ensuring that people are aware of these tools means that I am keen to work with a variety of people to enhance their skills or event. This could be anyone from an individual social entrepreneur, a charity, a small or medium business, all the way through to larger organisations.

So let’s work together to add a creative spark into your work and engage with more people. If any of the below topics interest or intrigue you, please do get in touch via the Contact page (coming soon), or via twitter @melfindlater

Twitter for Business

Interested in using twitter with your organisation, business, club, or event but not sure how? As a self taught twitter guru I’d love to work alongside you to work out the best methods for you.


Are you running an event and are keen to make sure that it is creative, innovative and exciting? Twitter hashtags are an essential way to engage with your audience. I’d love to come along and help you think of how you can use technology to make your event amazing and current. Or perhaps you just need someone you trust to come tweet live, giving your event a positive online presence.

Develop Your Organisation 

From blogging community stories and giving people a voice, through to using tools like Scoop It to create online magazines, the internet is full of resources that are there just waiting for you to grab hold of, be creative with and help make you stand out. Alongside my blog full of ideas and resources, I’d be happy to have a chat with you about what could work best for you and your team for an event, delivering training or workshops, marketing, or just making every day more efficient and amazing.

For larger projects, I have the benefit of a great partnership with The You Can Hub who can provide me with further resources, staff, and a large bank full of knowledge and experience. Our work together often focuses on using technology to create social good for those who are experiencing disadvantage or disability.