The You Can Hub

The You Can Hub

The You Can Hub – a community interest company that has a specific interest in helping people see that they can.

The You Can Hub is a community development organisation that supports people and organisations who want to create social good to develop and succeed. The You Can Hub links very closely with much of the work that I deliver.

Co-Founder – in April 2010, 6 individuals with a vision to change the world for the better started meeting up to share ideas and spark innovation in one another. A year later, in May 2011, The You Can Hub was born as a community interest company that develops people, organisations and communities. Their vision is to create a world where no matter your ability or background, you are enabled to develop into the best that you can be. Do go on over to their website and see the whole story.

Partner – In order to deliver the best service with the best skills, much of my work is done in partnership with The You Can Hub. This gives me access to a pool of resources, support and a wealth of knowledge, including their experienced and skilled staff. So the people I work with get the lower cost of a ‘one woman band’, alongside the the flexibility and strength of an organisation.

Check It Out Member – The You Can Hub is keen to ensure that the way it develops and runs is right for the community it serves. Therefore, a group of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds, skills and abilities help make any strategic decisions of the organisation and drive these forward.