How many slashes do you have? Blogger/Designer/People Connector/ Do-Gooder/ Mother/ Daughter …etcetc! The thing is, most of us, in fact I would argue you all of us, wear more than one hat in our lives. So, why is it that oh so often we are encouraged to describe ourselves as one thing? As having one job title?

paris walkway

Paris, a city of inspiration

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting up with my fellow Netsquared Community Organisers from across Europe in the beautiful Paris to explore how ‘slash/slash’ and European Collaboration relate. Check out @camillawiser’s fantastic summary blog post to see what we got up to. And go say hi to my fellow organisers, who are all interested in how technology can be used for social good. @camillawiser @shekyb @chastell and @stevieflow

The meetup has sparked many thoughts, ideas, conversations and potential collaborations and I suspect that there will be many more posts on this topic in the months to come! In the meantime, what are your slashes?




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