Wise Up to Google

Have you ever wondered whether if it’s worthwhile to have a blog, be on facebook, or tweet on twitter? Recently I was asked by Cambridge AWiSE to present to a room full of amazing women exploring careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicune about how having an online presence is a key factor not to miss when developing a career.

No, I don’t necessarily advocate that a beginner in social media goes out and signs up on every platform available. But doing something is critical. Have you ever googled yourself? I guarantee you that someone, somewhere along the line has googled you. What did they find and did it help them think, ‘Wow, you’re amazing, and I’d love to work with you’?

Have a look at my Prezi on this topic below to get a better idea of the benefits of being seen online.

And thanks so much all you lovely ladies for being a fantastic, engaging audience who put up with my many goofy references to superheroes and super powers!


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