Seeking stories of the impossible


photo by Keven Dean

Can I help you do the impossible?

I am on a mission to find people who are doing the impossible. Yep, you heard me right. One person’s impossible is entirely possible to another. ‘The impossible’ might mean that thing that you have always wanted to do but the your family, friends or colleagues have insisted is not possible. Or maybe it’s that thing that makes you cast doubts about its probability.

So what is an impossible?  My recent impossible was with a broken ankle, where I struggled to get myself to spend just 30 minutes being productive and not feeling sorry for myself . To others, this may seem like a small challenge, but it was massive to me and with the help of friends and family I did it one minute at a time. Sometimes ‘the impossible’ seems big to others and not so big to you. At other times, someone’s impossible might seem huge to most. For example, Alistair Humphrey cycled around the world, Anna and Terese designed an invisible bicycle helmet, and I am determined to live a sustainable and stable lifestyle in multiple countries. We all have our impossibles, so what’s yours?

I am beginning a journey of collecting people doing and who have done the impossible. Why? Because it is easier to do things differently together. Throughout December and January I will be travelling across Alberta and British Columbia Canada on a search for stories. Are you on a mission to do the impossible? Have you done it already? What do you need to make your impossible possible? How can I help you?

What will I do with these stories? This is still to be decided but it will likely involve posting on The You Can Hub blog and who knows, maybe I’ll even put them into an e-book one day. But for now, the important thing is that I want to connect with people and help them in any way I can.

Should I be meeting you? Get in touch!


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