‘Not fit for work’

crutches and boot

My fashionable new boot and crutches

Staying strong in the face of a challenge is so much easier said than done. Picture this, first football match of the season (yes, north american friends, I mean soccer), 20 minutes in, jumping up for a header higher than I have in a long time only to land in a crumbled ball with lots of screaming and some not so nice words. You guessed it, I did my ankle in. One trip to emergency later and I’m on crutches and wearing a fashionable new boot.

I have always been the active type. I’ve played football since I was 4 and throughout my younger years I played almost every sport imaginable, often at the same time. I was at school from 7 in the morning until 7 at night. Since then, my life hasn’t stopped. I’m a multi- tasker, a do-er, a thinker, and I like things fast paced.

Work and life are one to me, and suddenly I am presented with the dreaded ‘sick note’. Good right? I don’t have to maneuver stairs or attempt to sit ergonomically while elevating my foot. I get the chance to ‘recover’. But I tell you, it gets old quick. ‘No work’ means that I feel guilty if I spend my time thinking, reading about business, etc. My brain is quickly becoming a mush of unstimulated nonsense. So, after a week of allowing myself to feel miserable, I’ve decided to give myself a challenge. Each day I must spend at least an hour doing something that gets me thinking. Whether that be crafting, reading, life planning, idea generating or whatever else I can come up with.

Have you experienced a sudden illness or disability, short or long term? What were/are your tricks for staying positive?


2 thoughts on “‘Not fit for work’

  1. Oh Mel … you are a do-er and a thinker and you can still do both … and you have a barrage of friends around you to do all we can to help. However … I know what a nightmare it is and also the whole asking for help thing … do ask though it makes people feel good to help.

    I found what helped me was looking to the small victories … and making sure I enjoyed them .. be it getting to the toaster, working out a way of carrying more stuff, going for a short walk … and so on … but it is tough and you’re totally forgiven if you need to wallow a bit …

    sending a huge hug from Hope and I … sing songs, keep busy, rest, eat and also know it will get better xxx

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