Letting go of the to do lists

Self employment means you don’t have any should haves or have to’s, right? And yet my days consist of to do lists…basically I really am making myself my own boss…the goods and bads of one. This week is a week off from email with The You Can Hub. This means that we are not meant to email each other or even officially check our work email. That being said, I will be checking my email…and I think that’s ok. I like to keep up to date with things, hear from people etc. It inspires me to keep thinking. Whether I answer them this week is another story all together. 

So I thought to myself, what shall I do with my week? Shall I have the 3 days off? No….I would get antsy not doing anything. I don’t need to sit and watch tv or sunbathe (though a bit of that would be nice!). What I need is to not have any have to’s or shouldn’ts. So yep, if I feel like reading my email, I will. But I don’t have to. If I feel like setting up the Android tablet for my work with DJ Sparks next week then I will….but I don’t have to (Ok I do but just at some point in the next 5 days!). So I thought, what would I do if I could do anything I wanted to in the next 3 days? The answer is: 

-read and do whatever that reading inspires me to do. (I have a collection of ‘do what you love’ type books I am working through at the moment..)

– allow myself to change activities as much or as little as I want

– allow myself to have new ideas and to follow them through as much or as little as I want to at that moment

– exercise….do something…and not because I have to but because I feel like it

– smile, laugh…connect with people

– organise my office into an inspirational place to be

– do something crafty

 So….really that seems like a pretty good balance of things…..and I started to get excited about it. About having 3 days without have to’s. This morning I woke up, read my email, facebook, and various other social networks on my ipad, in bed of course. One of my emails was a newsletter from Mark Silver, who wrote Heart of Business. So I decided to follow a few links….read a few articles about a marketing message really getting to the heart of you and your customer. This led to me thinking about what I love to do, what The You Can Hub is and how we inspire people to do what they love to do. So, the work inadvertently started. Evernote is opened and I start writing about what You Can is….in a style that might appeal to others to join the community. We are a community of people figuring out what we love and doing it together. How cool is that? The thing is with us, what we love to do generally involves making a difference in the world. Helping others to do what they love too and to see that they can. Very exciting stuff…

Wii Zumba

I look just like the avatar on the wii Zumba screen…really!

So anyways I sat there writing this and my excitement was almost touchable. I felt an energy flowing through me so much so that I had to get up and do I little dance singing ‘I’m so excited’ to myself (with a few strange looks from the cats). And I wanted more…more dancing, more movement to let the energy out. So I turned on the WII and did Zumba for 20 minutes (for the first time in about a year. I’m sure the neighbours were laughing at me trying to move my hips around like that…!) I still hadn’t gotten enough, so I went for a run. Sure it was only 15 minutes…but those are 15 minutes that have given me even more energy than before…but now a more focused energy. (I should point out that I don’t run normally…I say I want to and never do!). 

So here I am, back at home with plenty to do and nothing that I have to do. I’m going with whatever feels right. And the great part? So far I am having one of the most productive and happiest days that I have had in a very long time. So this leaves me with a question… Why don’t I do this all the time? These have to do’s on my list…who put them there? I did! I know that I don’t work well when I’m told I have to do something…I fight against the grain…but it’s a bit hard to fight against yourself when it’s you making the rules. So, here’s my challenge to me and anyone else in the same boat. Self employment is meant to give me freedom…so, I’m going to take this freedom. And I think I might surprise myself. Instead of getting less done, I think I will actually get more done. Everything that is me is naturally productive. So, now it’s time to trust this fact. To let myself be instead of forcing myself to be. Eek, I’m excited already! Who is joining me? 


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