Get Tech – Will you be there?

There’s nothing better than idea that comes from the people.

Beautiful St Ives

The beautiful St Ives

Today I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful and sunny St Ives to meet up with Lynn Powell of Pinpoint. Pinpoint is a fantastic organisation and information point for parents, by parents. Through their various forms of consultation, parents have been telling Lynn and the Pinpoint team that they should be looking into how ipads could help their children, many of which have disabilities. Parents spoke, we listened. Fate would have it that Lynn and I would meet, as I have been exploring exactly this for over a year now.

So, the planning of ‘Get Tech’ begins. Get Tech is an event we are planning for the spring/summer of 2013 in or near Cambridge, UK. It will provide a space for people with disabilities, parents, carers, professionals and interested community members to see and compare the accessibility and usability of many different types of tablets and smartphones. But it will do even more than this. They will have a chance to meet technology professionals, give feedback, and share ideas for what they wish technology could do. It’s a space for people who don’t ‘get’ tech, to have a safe space to try it out and a chance for technology companies and professionals to have access to a big, new, exciting market with the opportunity to to develop things with them, not just for them.

Stay tuned for more news here and at The You Can Hub in the upcoming months!


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