Visualising Twitter – a couple of useful websites

To mark my last post of 2011 I wanted to find a visual tool that would help me look back at what I have been up to over the last year. After much google searching and requests for help on Twitter, I found a couple of interesting tools that help collate your twitter feed. The first, suggested by @bricksandbread, is Besides having an amazing made up word for a name, Backupify seems like a great tool for not only backing up your tweets, but exporting your tweets into a PDF. Why would I want to do that? Well, I’d love a way to look back at all of my tweets over the last year to see what I have been saying. How do my tweets reflect what was going on in my life? How often did I mention others? Who was I talking to? To me, all of these can be useful for interest sake, but also to reflect on how to tweet even better next year.

Next, I wanted to find a tool that would be a bit broader in it’s scope, putting the main topics of my tweets into a word cloud. While I would normally go to Tagxedo for this sort of thing, their site was being particularly frustrating today, however I finally managed to get an in image. It’s unclear how recent the tweets have to be that it uses, though humorous that it’s picked up my conversations with people and made their username large! Nonetheless, it’s rather pretty, and I can change the colours, shape etc.

Tagxedo word cloud of twitter

Word cloud made with Tagxedo

So then I moved on and found Tweetstats. And what a great find it was! As you can see below, Tweetstats not only gives me a beautiful cloud summarising my tweets but also gives me visual stats of when I tweet and how often. Apparently my top five words are: rt, thanks, great, social, and follow. Not surprising as I choose to thank every one of my new followers, looking at each one of their profiles and I tend to talk about ‘social good’ a lot. ‘Great’ was a surprising one though! My top 5 hashtags are: #socent #mlearning #edtech #ipad and #ff. And in terms of how often I tweet, it’s also not surprising. The lower months were when I first started Tweeting and when events were happening such as my wedding in June! I’d say the only downfall is no simple way to embed the results as pictures on this blog! (Got there in the end though with some screen printing action…)

WordCloud by Tweetstats

Word Cloud of my tweets by Tweetstats

Tweets per month graph

Tweets per month Graph

It seems a good time of year to sit back and reflect on the past year, so why not have a go with these tools and see what you can learn about yourself?


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