A Christmas app wishlist

Older man with ipad

Picture by Tanya Dawn on Flickr

It’s not only children that are getting into the ipad and tablet spirit, according to the Nielson Company, people over 45 account for 37% of the market buying ipads/tablets. And for good reason. Tablets are a great way to introduce technology to people for the first time. This amazing story about a 99 year old woman being able to read again with an ipad is just one example of how these new technologies can change the way people are living.

So if you are looking at getting ipad for your mother, father, grandma or grandpa this Christmas, then don’t forget to put a few apps on it first. By doing the setup for them, they are able to enjoy it right out of the box. But how do you choose those apps? Start small. Each person is individual and unique, which means different apps. Think about what they like most (newspaper, maps, looking at pictures, knitting, etc) and search itunes for related apps.

That being said, here are a few universal apps that might help you in getting started. So go ahead, pick 3 or 4 of them, and bring a smile to your family’s face.

Skype – A free app to talk to family/friends all over the world, and see them too! There’s nothing that feels better than connecting with those you love. Just imagine, if they’re not with you for their grandchild’s birthday they can still see them open their gift!

Read2Go – A place to buy and read books or newspapers, change the font size, colour etc and text to speech options to get the book to read it for you.

Angry Birds – Slingshot those angry birds to get those pesky pigs who stole the birds’ eggs. Seems silly? It is! But it’s also very addictive and one of the most popular games on the ipad ever. People of all age seem to like this app.

Solitaire – The age old card game without the need to get out all the cards.

Pill Reminder Pro – Will ‘push’ reminders to your device to take your pills. What a great way to promote independence!

And don’t forget about the apps that will already be on there! 

Email – The communication benefits of this are obvious. With many people, it might be worth making sure this is set up and spending a bit of time helping them understand how it works. Sending pictures is a great example.

Photobooth – Have a few spare minutes? Want a laugh? Use the photobooth app to take pictures with strange affects, warping your face into all sorts of different shapes. A great, fun way to introduce someone to the ipad device. (needs ipad2 to have camera)

Photos/Camera – (Needs ipad2 to have camera) Use it as a camera or video camera, it’s a great way to take pictures and send them to their friends and family, or just to keep them on their device to flick through.

If you have someone that you’ve bought an ipad for, I’d love to hear from you! Let me know why you bought it, what you hope to use it for, and how your loved one reacted to the device.


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