Popplet-ing my way to a memory

Do you struggle with remembering things? Feel a sense of panic and dread if you forgot to bring your notebook and pen to a meeting, conference, or event? Thank whoever/whatever you believe in that notes exist on your mobile phone at those times when someone tells you something and you don’t have a pen? Or is your hand so covered in writing that you never want to wash it?

Well, I have been and frequently am all of those things. I am a visual learner that remembers a moment or a face, not details. In enters Popplet. I have tried many ipad apps to organise my thoughts and this is by far the most used one. I don’t know about you but I am a mind mapper. I like pictures, drawings, and colour coding. But I need the ability to do things quickly. Popplet is a mindmapping tool that can do all of these things.

Benefits and uses of Popplet

Benefits, uses and wishlist for Popplet ipad app

Most of all, Popplet stopped me from asking, “now what notebook did I write that in…”

Do you use Popplet? What do you use it for?


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