Bringing people together, doing amazing things – GiveCampUK

Over the past several months I have met many people working in the technology field… from app developers to designers, to usability professionals. And yet I continue to be humbled by the desire from so many of them to make a difference in the world. To use their skills to make a difference in people’s lives. GiveCampUK was one of those times.

From 21-23rd Oct, lots of technologists came together with one common goal: to create bespoke technology for not for profit organisations. When I first met up with Rachel Hawley to share some contacts of organisations that might benefit from the event, I was excited about the possibilities. However, in no way was I prepared for the level of spirit the met me when I entered the room of  on Saturday.

From the brief introduction of the project by Rachel the night before (we couldn’t make it to London Friday night) 7 people had joined to create the team that would redesign The You Can Hub website.

The You Can Hub is a brand new social enterprise full of big thinking and ambitious social entrepreneurs who want to change the world for the better. Lou Shackleton had done an amazing amount of work to get our wordpress website to the point that it was but without a good template in place I am surprised that she managed to keep all of her hair when trying to add new pictures and content. Every minute she spent frustratingly working on the website was a minute that she could have been spent supporting people to develop new community projects. We needed help and GiveCampUK certainly delivered.

Our team was and is amazing. It consisted of @agileguy @gep13 @philjones88 @leggetter @ToriCWilliams @302redirect @gep13and for a little bit @chirdeeptomar. Some of them had travelled from across the UK just to help us out! They were excited to meet us when we made it down to London from Cambridge for the day on the Saturday. Up until that point they were relying on our written description of requirements. As using a template on wordpress meant that there was little to no coding involved, I could sense the disappointment in the air. Little did they know that we would put a spinner in the works. After a longer discussion about our vision of the website, it was decided that a custom template would be created. Well that got their juices flowing! Amazingly, though this meant scrapping all of their previous hard work, they were excited to do it. And they definitely delivered. With no designer in the group they created a very well designed website that was live by the end of the weekend.

There aren’t enough words to thank everyone in the group for their amazing support on the day and for their generous offer of ongoing support going forward. You are all absolutely amazing! Rachel and Paul, wow, what an event! It was clear that you went above and beyond to make sure that the volunteers were fed and hydrated. Well done for making a difference to not only us at The You Can Hub but in affect making a difference to the people that we and the other organisations support.

So next time I start to feel down about the world, I will just think back to the generosity given at GiveCampUK.


3 thoughts on “Bringing people together, doing amazing things – GiveCampUK

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