People say I can see the future…

Ok, I can’t really. But what I can do is take an idea and see it full on working. I can visualise your idea as a success after just a few key questions. If you catch me daydreaming then I’m usually doing exactly that – I’m literally seeing a future where your idea has become a reality. Where you are doing something that brings you alive while making a positive impact on the world.

I can see a world where you are full on doing the impossible – can you?

It is my life’s mission to help you see it and to help you make it a reality


Well, I’m a Geek For Social Good. I ask questions. I describe the future. I connect you with incredible people. I introduce you to and help you feel confident with the digital tools that will help you make your impossible possible. I help you tell your story and in doing so get others interested. I do this through The You Can Hub – an organisation full of superheroes and sidekicks (seriously, there are capes involved and I frequently sport a box or two as the Robot of Mediocrity).

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I am genuinely interested in you, your story, and helping you live an incredible life while making an impact in the world. So, send me a line and connect with me on and offline. You can always swing by one of The You Can Hub Socials which are informal gatherings for average people living (and wanting to live) incredible lives.